Gettin’ to know a little more about the Chicks of 106.3…
2011-06-0911-46-49943Debi Starr

6 places I’ve woken up…

1) In a large refridgerator box

2) At the Drive-In…with my sister at 6am

3) In a boat in a parking lot

4) On the beach with a high tide

5) On I-5 switching lanes…yes while driving

6) In the studio, standing up…I must have been listening to my old station



PFPrize Fairy

6 ways I score killer prizes…

1) I keep a case of PBR & smokes in the trunk of my car…you never know who you might need to bribe

2) I always have something shiny in my pocket to distract people…like the station down the hall

3) I keep a metal detector in my car for down time so I can treasure hunt

4) Sometimes things just fall off the truck…if you catch my drift 😉

5) 2 words…Fairy Dust

6) My magical tutu…enough said



6 Headlines from my life…

1) “Acquitted of smuggling booze into Disney move at theater”

2) “Makes an interesting point…but only once”

3) “Saves $26.23 by purchasing only store brands”

4) “A study confirms, she’s way out of your league”

5) “Woman succeeds in radio despite being born without any rhythm”

6) “Irony: She’s addicted to the show, ‘Intervention’ “